Our Motto

Our motto is also to bring positive change in bathing habits of the people and help them live a healthy and stress free life. We want to make bathroom area a stress free zone of the house and not just any other area of the house.


OnlineSanitary.com is a dream project of our Director Mr. Rahul Singh with zeal to bring difference in bathroom industry. OnlineSanitary.com aims to provide a platform for various manufacturers under one roof of any size, local or international brand making it easy for both the manufacturers and customer to get the best with minimum efforts.

Bathing in tubs is a part of daily life in the Western countries, so is in most parts of the world. But in India, it is considered to be a big boy toy, a luxurious product and has not been an integral part of our bathing habits.

This change in habits is what we aim at and want to bring change in. And whole idea of OnlineSanitary.com evolve to solve this problem and make bathroom a stress free zone.

In ancient times, royal people used to take bath in tubs with hot water adding flower, honey, various oil and taking bath was not just meant for cleansing body or remove body odour but to make body healthier too.

Bathing in tubs helps improving sexual vitality, rejuvenating joints, controlling blood pressure with increased blood flows into body and it helps to live a stress free life with many other health benefits.

The combined knowledge, skills and fresh approach from our team team of young, well-versed and technically experienced, have allowed us to approach the bath not as an object but rather as a sensation.

The bathroom is not simply a utility but a haven of self-indulgence. Every product or products listed in future will aims to transport you into a realm of luxurious pleasure leading a peaceful, stress free life by converting bathroom into a stress free zone.

OnlineSanitary.com aim to break all geographical boundaries with the customers having a tool to find and get delivered the bathtub of their choice as per their need and budget, from anywhere in India at their door step. At the same time, manufacturers can also find customers for their products from across the country.

We at OnlineSanitary.com are committed to bring a positive change in bathing habits of the people by creating awareness through campaigns like STRESS FREE INDIA and by associating with doctors and other health-related professionals.