When choosing a bathtub, One of the choices a homeowner must make is what substance the bathtub is going to be constructed of. There are many options available, and price, durability and fashion should be taken into consideration when choosing a tub. Among the options is an acrylic tub. Like every sort of tub, an acrylic bathtub has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Because Acrylic comes in sheets which are soft and malleable, acrylic tubs come in a large selection of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you are arranging a tiny functional toilet or a sizable spa-like setting, this wide assortment of bathtub styles can raise your choices when designing a toilet.

Heat Retaining Properties

Acrylic bathtubs have a smooth nonporous surface. The surface is warm to the touch in ordinary temperatures also has rather good heat-retaining properties, maintaining water hot for a longer period than the other bathtub substances.

Not Rigid

The Surface of an Acrylic Bathtub is relatively soft and not so rigid. Acrylic Tubs can be reinforced with fiberglass, which will increase durability and Rigidity but will also increase the purchase price of this tub. Budget acrylic tubs have Little reinforcement and can feel quite flimsy once installed, so it could be Worth paying the additional cost to buy one of higher quality products with fiberglass reinforcement.

Scratches Easily

An acrylic Surface is very soft and will scratch easily. For this reason, abrasive cleaners should not be used on acrylic bathtubs. Though the fact that the surface scratches easily is a disadvantage, it may also be an edge because the scratches can frequently be polished out or filled with acrylic. Other types of tub surfaces chip rather than scratch, making them more difficult to fix than acrylic.


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