Acrylic Bathtubs are becoming more popular since Bathtub manufacturers can create unique tub shapes. Caring for your acrylic bathtub is simple so long as you employ the right products and see to the tub gently. You could even get commercial cleansers designed for acrylic bathtubs. Don’t forget to wash the tile area over your oil tub, so space will truly shine.

Using Natural Products


Fill The bathtub with warm water and vinegar. If your acrylic Bathtub is stained or dirty, consider filling the bathtub with warm water and vinegar. This can help loosen the dirt and grime before you wash the tub. It sit for about 15 minutes and then drain the bathtub.

  • The acid in the vinegar can help loosen dirt without damaging the acrylic bathtub.


Sprinkle The bathtub with baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda all over the Acrylic bathtub while it’s still moist. If you didn’t fill the bathtub with warm water and vinegar, just pour or spray water along the interior and faces of the bathtub. Let the baking soda sit on the tub for a couple of minutes.

  • The baking soda may clean mold, mildew, and soap scum. Additionally, it is gentle to work with on the oil bathtub.
  • To get a more powerful cleanser, you could use borax rather than baking soda.


Scrub The acrylic bathtub. Dip a soft cloth or sponge to water and wash the baking soda in the bathtub. The baking soda will form a tiny paste as you clean the tub. Ensure that you’re using a non-abrasive sponge or maybe you scratch the acrylic bathtub. Gently wash the whole tub.

  • Avoid using scrubbers or sponges which have a rough side constructed for heavy duty cleaning. Instead, start looking for a gentle sponge or just use a soft cloth.


Usage A toothbrush to scrub edges and corners. If you have hard to attain edges or places where the tub meets fixtures (such as the taps ), get an old toothbrush and wash the spots. The toothbrush will be mild enough to remove tough dirt and grime.

  • You can also use a long-handled wash brush, provided that the bristles are tender.


Rinse the Bathtub and treat any stains with lemon. Fill a bucket with water and then put it on the tub to rinse away the baking soda and grime. Continue rinsing until the tub is clean. If notice stains, rub half of the lemon over the stain until they lift.

  • Lemon works well for Eliminating hard-water deposits.


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